Our Team

19 years experience as an outboard technician  on all brand, including most race engines. Andrew has raced boats all his life, winning titles in every boat he's driven, he currently holds the  New Zealand Mod V.P. title and speed record, which he's held for three years .

Andrew also comes from a boat racing family, which at one stage had six boats running, from a mini-boat to a formula one V8 on a Percival/Hodges

Contact: andrew@krbracing.com

Malcolm comes from a tunnel building family who has built boats all his life . An experienced outboard technician, mainly high performance. He specialises in maintaining and modifying  2L and 2.5L Mercury race engines.  Malcolm has a good driving history from mini-boats to formula one tunnels holding lots of titles, also being the OSY400 World Champion in 2001/2002, held in China .

Malcolm is respected in all aspects of tunnel racing, here and around the world where he was mechanic for a formula one team for a couple of seasons .

Contact: malcolm@krbracing.com

Grant started building carbon-fibre composite boats in 1986 and raced boats for four seasons .

He built the worlds first Grand Prix Hydro before going on to North America to build two more. Spending the next three seasons racing in U.S.A. and Canada, highlighted by winning the 2-high point championships. This included winning at the world famous Valleyfield circuit  with the 2.5L class ( the most competitive class of all).

In 1999 he returned home to design and build the latest Grand Prix Hydro, this hull has obtained unofficial speeds of over 200mph .

After building the K.R.B. moulds he followed the U.I.M formula one circuit for a season

Contact: Grant@krbracing.com

Darin comes from a boat racing family and lives for the sport, mainly crewing, which he enjoy's

 Darin  traveled  with Malcolm for the world O.S.Y.400 title. Also crewing for "Sprint Team Texaco" in the world formula one and driving the team truck all over England and Europe .

 Wherever there is racing you're sure to find Darin keeping his team's boat going strong.

Contact: darin@krbracing.com