New model!

The KRB Racing Team is a group of four New Zealand blokes who got together over a concept for a revolutionary new boat. KRB manufacture top class formula one & two composite hulls. The combination of years of experience at building, racing, engine building and modification gives this team the edge in understanding what makes a great race boat.

...Malcolm Jamieson has just won the New Zealand Formula One Champion Title for 2007 AND 2008. Another great result for KRB Racing...

Latest Steering Technology for Power-Boating!
This steering system has been proven world wide in Formula 1 & 2 Tunnel Boats as well as Ski-Racing/V-Bottom and Off-Shore Racing, this enables the driver to have minimum torque on the steering wheel and allows the driver to steer the boat where he/she wants to, with ease!

This system will solve any steering torque problems.

This will make your craft easier to handle through any water conditions and will gain you precious seconds on every lap.

This system is an electrical computer that detects torque and eliminates it.

These systems have been tested by KRB Racing in our new carbon-fibre Formula 1 race hull both in Australia and New Zealand.

KRB Motorsport also cover:
  • New Stainless Steel Quick Release Couplings
  • New Steering Drums
  • New Pyro Systems - mounted in the steering for easy vision.

For more information please contact Malcolm Jamieson on 021 341 559

KRB Racing also modify's & sells mercury high performance engines

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